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Real testimonials from real VanWeddings couples

Or, things our couples and colleagues have said that make us all warm and fuzzy inside. And things that we hope you will say after using our services.

"Dear Jen and Frank,

I know we weren't the typical bride and groom that pose and stand somewhat still. We were jumping up and down non stop and laughed at all times. Over the past two months we kept saying "there is no way our video will be perfect since we acted so crazy." And then today you surprised us! How you made this incredible, beautiful, romantic, fun, funny, every good word there is, video of us is beyond us.

Can't thank you enough, and to your question whether we like it or not? We ABSOLUTELY adore and love it! You brought out tears, and you know we are not criers. We are at home, and watching it over and over and over again.

The details, song selection, the captions, everything is perfect. You are simply amazing! Thank you over and over again!"

Dominique and Arash

"WOW!!! You guys have done an amazing job, I mean I had an idea of how it would be but this is incredible!

It's honestly everything we could have asked for and more.  We are just completely blown away, words can't even describe what we are feeling right now.  Thank you so much for capturing our day the way you did, we are so lucky to have found you guys...

As I'm watching your video, I'm having those wow moments I was hoping to have... I feel the passion you put into your work, it really shows! Thank You!"

Armin and Shadi

"Hello Jen and Frank,

Wow, this is literally why I picked you guys to begin with!!!! You guys do magic!! We love the short highlights it's absolutely a form of art what you guys do!!


Sepy and Mony

"Excellent choice of music! Amazing video edit! You have exceeded my expectations...that is a huge compliment coming from an extremely picky person! :)

Just like how I knew Ethan was the one when we first met, I knew that you were the cinematographer I was searching for the instant I watched one of your videos on YouTube. Ethan gave me the wedding of my gave me the wedding video of my dreams...I cannot be happier.

Thank you for the creative & amazing video."


"Hello Frank and Jen,

You guys did an amazing job on our video. Jenny and I and our family cannot stop watching it. I cannot get any work done because of it. This is dangerous because I'm going to be sitting there in court before the judge daydreaming about the video.

Jenny looks even more beautiful in the video. If Hollywood or a Hong Kong movie studio comes and asks her to be a star and she accepts and leaves me, then I will blame it on you Frank :)

Please come to Atlanta and hang out with us...would love to hang out with you again."


"Hey Jen and Frank!

We absolutely love the highlight video! We have watched it a few times on different days and have shared it with our family and friends. They love it too! You guys did an amazing job! Thank you!!"

Jonathan and Shereen

"Hi Jen and Frank!!!

When Ahmed and I first met you, we definitely knew that we wanted you two to be our videographers for the wedding and after looking at the highlight video we are so glad that we made that decision. Everything about the highlight video is beautiful and using Quran verse as the background sound was so refreshing and absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for all the work you put in!! We'll recommend you to everyone in a heartbeat, you guys have to be my favorite wedding vendor I have worked with!

Thanks once again!! You guys are amazing!"

Mariam and Ahmed

"Wow!! How do we begin to express our happiness.. You took our small dream and turned it into a beautiful reality. Words cannot express our gratitude for this wonderful video that we can share with our family and friends. Thank you so much!"

Cindy and Julio

"We are out having lunch and I just cried watching it with Ravi--you guys really caught the most precious moments for us. The entire team was outstanding.

Seriously--LOVE it."

Daman & Ravi

"This is just great, thank you so much and thank your team for the amazing job. We are so happy we chose you for our wedding."


"We love it! We're super happy with it. You guys did an amazing job!"

Rumneet and Parm

"Hi Jen & Frank,

N and I would like to thank you again for our amazing videos and photos. We absolutely love them and keep watching them :) You guys are amazing and we're very lucky to have had you capture our wedding."

Thank you, N&A

"Where do I start?!!!! Insane video clip. It was literally the main event of the night. Everyone is just talking about the same day edit. You put the magic in our fairytale wedding.

Thank you, Frank & Jen! You have made our wedding day event of the year. I know people who don't know me cried from watching our film. Thank you so much for making our special day so magical."

Best Regards, Tiffani & Marc

"Hi Jen and Frank! Wow! We love the video so much! We keep watching it over and over... You've done an amazing job as usual! Thank you!"

Farnoosh & Ali

"Hi Jen and Frank,

We absolutely love love love the video! Thank you so much for your amazing work! We've already watched the NDE 3 times, lol. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in our other edits."

Thanks, Bhavisha and Mike

"Hi Jen & Frank! We love the video! Thank you so much! It's beautiful! Thanks for capturing the traditions and love it means a lot! You guys are awesome!"

Thanks again, Rup & Carter

"Hi Frank and Jen!! This video is absolutely amazing! We love it SO much and couldn't be happier! We thank you two. On another plus! You picked the song danielle was hoping you'd pick for the video too! Again we love this video SO much, and to think we'll have it forever to share.

Talk soon guys, thank you"

Danielle and David

"Hi Jen and Frank,

I can not type right now nor see this screen as I am shaking with emotion and joy, my eyes filled with tears. You have captured our day with such incredible beauty, I could not be happier. I was so nervous the day of the wedding but it doesn't show one bit. As I watched the film unfold I got more and more excited and actually held my breath. You have captured our love and the most important day of our lives so perfectly that I can nearly remember what I was thinking and feeling while I look at myself in the video. It is one of the most unique videos I have ever seen, I am proud of ourselves for being able to put on such a special and unique day for our family and friends and so very proud of your talent and skill. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"Hi Jen And Frank,

As the saying goes, great things come to those who wait :) The video was phenomenal!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! We've already watched it non-stop the past few hours, too bad there is no loop function and that we have to work tomorrow. Otherwise we would be watching it all day again... The day was a blur and watching the video brought back memories and tears...

We loved the grand shot of walking up the steps of the Art Gallery... but were shocked at how the more subtle scenes played out. From a technical standpoint, I never realized just how much an otherwise mundane shot like us running across the street or the guys walking single file out of a room could stand out so much in the ending montage when put in the hands of your expert editing. The storytelling, scene to scene transitioning, and synchronizing with music to create a complete harmonious work of art is beyond anyone else in your industry IMO.

Many thanks again for shooting our definitely deserve your BC Wedding Award, one of many more to come we are sure!"


"Thank you Vanweddings, for an amazing video. I have watched this video more than 20 times! Chris and I loved everything about it and you have definitely made the most memorable video for us. You understood us better than we understood ourselves. Here is a picture of us getting ready to watch the video, we even got Champagne to celebrate, since as we know your work, we knew watching the video would make us as emotional as we were on the wedding day <3"

Kimia and Chris

"Hello Jen & Frank,

Kalvin & I would like to give you a huge thanks for everything you did for us throughout the wedding. The video is amazing and we received sooo many compliments. We look forward to catching up when we return. Overall I loved it!"

Gagan & Kalvin

"I've watched the video over 50 times today. You've exceeded all of our expectations! It's sooo perfect, it's sooo vanweddings ;) Thank you Jen & Frank"


"We've watched the video over 50 times today, it's soooooo perfect! We reallyyy like the Paris parts, hope there's more of it in the feature, and the music is just great. It's amazing how perfect your videos are, you were worth every penny :-D"


"Hi Jen and Frank,

It's incredible. Our jaws dropped when we saw it, and when we showed it to Joanne's mom, she got so excited she kept watching it over and over...

I haven't seen anything quite like this - even in your previous work; the quality of your creativity and storytelling clearly shows. I loved the way you meshed the dancing shots together (inside and outside) - and that low-angle carriage ride shot was awesome!

I'm glad we came together to produce these memories. It felt just like things fell into place between us - working together and accommodating each other - and I think also a certain amount of serendipity - like the birds at Bloedel and my speech mentioning birds, and the venues and activities we chose. We had fun being your subjects and playing actors in our own wedding."

Kevin and Joanne

"Absolutely loved it! Dave and I got teary-eyed and that's rare for him! Thanks so much for the wonderful video. I'm in awe, loved everything about it. Thank you again for capturing my most important day. It's meant so much to me and my family back home to witness the mini clip. If I didn't watch this video, I wouldn't know what happened that day. That day was a complete blur!

Thank you again for our wonderful video!"

Ana, Dave & Carlos

"I know Ala spoke to you about the video and how much we love it. I have never seen anything like the video you made us , I can't thank you guys enough. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you."


"That's amazing!! Thank you!! You've done a great job with (the highlight) and we can't wait to see the full film. I love the longer feature film too... with a little more bits it really shows our wedding well, thank you so much! You guys are amazing!!"

Zhina and Amir

"Hello Jen & Frank,

Thank you very much for the beautiful wedding video. Amir & I loved it :) You did an amazing job and we are very happy that we went with the drone option as well! It was a pleasure to work with you both."

Many thanks, Mana & Amir

"WOW!!! We just watched it, and we LOVE it!!! It's so beautiful. Totally perfect. Thank you SO much for capturing our day so perfectly!!! What an absolutely amazing video."

Demill & Michelle

"We are both speechless!! The video turned out AMAZING!! You guys did such an incredible job, thank you so much. We have already highly referred you guys to all of our friends that will get married in the near future! Perfect detail and you guys truly did capture the best moments! Again thank you soo much jen & frank :) "

Nika and Renato

"I saw the highlight video on Facebook and it looked amazing. You guys did a great job, it was fantastic all our friends and family that saw it loved it as well."


"Thanks for emailing us the wedding video. It is so amazing!!"


"Yesssssss! Loving it and watched over 20+, thank you for helping us to create such a beautiful memory."

Anna and Bradley

"Thank you so much for working on our video. The highlight is so beautiful. All of our friends and family have enjoyed it so much and couldn’t wait to watch the longer film."


"Hi Frank & Jen,

Your work was great! Thanks very much, you guys rock!"


"Thank you @vanweddingsfilm such a great job and everyone was so nice to work with ! 100% Recommended"

Brooke (via Twitter)

Hi Jen & Frank!!

We have watched the video almost 30 times now and WOW, are we ever impressed!! You guys have done an incredible job with every detail, it's amazing! We can't even begin to express our LOVE for your craft - you really captured the essence of our special day. Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Again, we are so pleased and STOKED to show our family and friends what you've done for us. You are truly a great team!

(After seeing the Cinematic Feature Genicca and Daniel sent us their reactions again)

First and foremost WOW. The full video was simply BREATHTAKING... we laughed, we smiled, we cried, we fist-pumped. Simply incredible work!!! I am so very happy with what you've done for us. Every moment was EPIC!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Genicca & Daniel

Thank you so much for the highlight, its absolutely wonderful. We are very happy that we decided to have you guys as our videographers.

Katy & Ed

t is awesome guys absolutely love it thank you. I don't even know how to put it into words. We've shown it to all our family and friends, and they all loved it. Everybody had only great things to say about the video. It's exactly what we wanted, and you captured it perfectly!

Abul & Aysha

"I love it! Even my co-workers who are not Indian, they are so moved by the trailer. You guys did such a wonderful job!"


Hi Jen,

Thank you so much, it is beautiful. You were able to catch all the moments and Josh and I are very happy with it. Hope you are doing well and thank you again and again. We love it!

Josh and Amita

We love it! You really made Abdul's and my day when we received the highlight this morning! My mother and mother-in-law cried when they watched the video. Thank you so much!


Absolutely priceless. You have earned all of my referrals and business going forward. You’ve done an exceptional job. God bless you Both!


Hi Jen! I can not even begin to tell you how much we LOVE the highlight video. It is absolutely perfect!! Your team has created an amazing memory for us to have for a lifetime and we are so incredibly grateful. You all have made us look like movie stars! :) Thank you a million times over!

Soni and Munish

Susan really likes the fairy tale style edit, with the soft focus and romantic narrative, that follows Disney's Cinderella.

We showed the video at our wedding reception, and everyone was impressed by the cinematography, with the crane motion angles, and capturing the Cinderella scenes. The video is splendidly done!

Susan & Andy

Hi Frank and Jen,

We just saw the trailer on Facebook and we wanted to let you know how much we love it!!! It's so beautifully done and we can't stop watching it over and over again! Love it!!! Thank youuu! :)

Clare and Scott

Hi Jen,

I'm an iPhone junkie so got your email right away. Couldn't even wait to watch it with Mike. It looks really really amazing. Again, you guys are awesome!


Wow Frank that is absolutely amazing. We love it it's magnificent. We're sharing your link on Facebook with our relatives and it's blowing their minds!

Ruby & Sonny

I HEART YOU Team VanWeddings!!! Joanne and Marc's vid is the d'BOMB!!! When is our next gig- wink, wink!!! LOVE.

CC, ROA Designs

Hi Jen,

WOW! Love it so much (: you guys are great. I knew everything is gonna be perfect and were in good hands. Thank you guys so much and its awesome working with you guys.

Joanne & Marc

Hi Jen & Frank,

Words cannot express how thankful we are that you were able to capture our love so beautifully. The video you created for us surpassed all of our expectations and blew us away. We were so lucky to be able to work with you guys because you made it so comfortable and easy for us to express ourselves and our love for one another. We absolutely LOVE the end result and you guys are to thank for that!

You two truly are the BEST at what you do! Thank you!!!


Amy & Kyle

Ps. That song could not have been any better!! You nailed it!

Dear Frank,

A Big Thank you from Radiant Events!

For our first time working together you certainly impressed. You and your team were on time, dressed professionally, visited your locations, had a plan and were able to work with others. VanWeddings you rock. Thank you for doing your thing and helping us get through the day. There were times where I was dealing with multiple issues and I appreciate your patience and independence to get the job done.

Amazing work on the same day edit, I think that went over very well. What do you think?

I know Shane and Leah were very happy as well as their parents. We can't thank you enough for your hard work and your team work over the past week. Hope you have a great week ahead of you and I look forward to working with you in the future and passing you referrals.

Thank you again,

Rachel Bland, Radiant Events

Frank, you and your team were wonderful to have at our wedding! It was so comfortable working with you - you're very warm, out-of-the-way and easy to take direction from. With VanWeddings, being the stars of our own movie was easy! The same day edit was a huge hit at the reception. It was a wonderful treat for us and our guests! We particularly liked the music you set to the same-day edit and we received many compliments on it!

The engagement film was a great way to help us get over some camera-shyness before our big day. And we love the keepsake of our engagement story!

Thank you for helping us create such a warm, memorable, spectacular wedding day.

Leah and Shane

Thanks Frank, (the trailer) made me cry for sure :)

Jewel and James

Thank you very much for the amazing wedding trailer. :)

We are looking forward to sharing it with our friends. Thanks again for an amazing job!

Edward and Laura

Hey guys!!!

Oh my god, u two r so talented!!! We absolutely LOVE our wedding video! You created a movie for us that so perfectly captures our special day. Thank u so so much!

Jenn and Daniel

Hello Frank and Jen

We just want to say thank you so much for all your support and understanding in working with our other vendors at the wedding, the day went even better then we could have ever hoped for! As for the video... WOW. We love it! You really listened to what we envisioned and created a beautiful summary of our wedding! Thank you for all your hard work, even when it coincided with the birth of your child! That's dedication!

Thank again! (and congratulations!)

Devon and Ryan

Truly amazing job and you guys are wonderful people to work with. Definitely will recommend you guys.

(The engagement film) is awesome, all our coworkers loved it!

Eva and Julian

Seeing my sister's wedding trailer (done by VanWeddings), I instantly knew that we too would absolutely have to hire them! The professionalism throughout the whole pre, during and post wedding was so consistent that it was too easy for us to leave everything in their hands. Everything was completed in a timely fashion, and the final product was breathtaking. The smallest details were captured, that happened to be personal and representative of our personalities (me telling my husband that he was late for the ceremony).

Thank you VanWeddings for everything! You were such a pleasure to work with! We will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends and family! We also wish that we had another wedding for you to capture!

Lots of love and gratitude,

Azra and Rick

Dear Frank & Jen,

Wow!!! The trailer is amazing and breathtaking. We are very excited to see the full video. Thank you for all your hard work and taking the time to edit it.

Kim and Vu

(Regarding the trailer)
OMG, you guys did an awesome job! Both Brian and I are very pleased with the results! Thanks so much guys! (My mother) watched it so many times that she went to sleep with it ;) She absolutely loves it! We will always highly recommend you to anyone we know is getting married or engaged.

(Regarding the full wedding film)
We had our package in the mail today and watched the movie - it turned out absolutely fabulous! We want to thank you again for doing such an amazing job and making our day so special and memorable. We'll have this for a lifetime and our kid(s) will be able to share our special day with us one day on video ;)

Vivian and Brian

Jen and Frank, I would like to thank you two soooooooooo much for being so amazing and being such a crucial part of our Wedding!

It truly was the most amazing day for Jon and I, and I cannot thank you enough for capturing it and doing it justice in the video trailer so far! Everyone that has seen the video has been raving about it! Everyone loves it, and I’ve heard so many of them compare it to a “Hollywood” wedding, which is a true tribute to the two of you. Basically you guys were such a pleasure to work with and you made Jon and I look really good!!! ... Words can’t describe how amazing you were both on the day and the work you have done.

Emina and Jonathan

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! You made us look so good LOL! You are so skilled, thank you so so much - absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all of your effort and time that you put into this... Everything turned out far far better than we ever expected or imagined. THANK YOU!!!! AHHH we are still so amazed!

Cara and Yohanne

Jen and Frank,

Words can't express how thankful we are to you both. You have given us something that we will be able to cherish forever. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! There was not a dry eye in the house when we watched it. And this is just the trailer?? WOW!"


Hey Frank and Jen!

The video and trailer were amazing! Stacey and I could not have been happier with the utter brilliance, flawless skill, and extreme care you demonstrated. The video truly captures the moment and re-connects us to that GREAT day every time. Thank you once again!



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