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"Forever the First Time" - Romantic Drone Wedding Video - Swaneset, Vancouver

It's usually a very good Same Day Edit (SDE) when you see the bride mouth to herself repeatedly, "oh my god". With a 4pm ceremony and 8pm showtime, plus drone footage shot on the same day, it wasn't exactly easy, but it felt really satisfying to pull it off for Jasmine and Riley.

The tricky part was that we had never met J&R in person, although we had been speaking to the lovely Mother of Bride Lise. Without knowing their personalities, we kept several music tracks in reserve, waiting to feel it out before deciding. As the day unfolded, we were absolutely charmed by Jasmine, who somehow holds two paradoxical jobs working with special needs children and at a gun range, and Riley, who could easily be a poet model, just listen to his vows.

So in the end we cut a couple of tracks together to fit our charismatic couple. It's actually easy to do a Same Day Edit, just difficult to do an awesome one, and for J&R, we felt only the best would do!

Vancouver wedding venues: Swan E Set Bay Golf Club (ceremony, reception)

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