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Perfect Chinese Wedding Film - Hotel Georgia, Vancouver

Perfection is only possible with the perfect clients, and for us, J&S are the perfect clients. They attached paramount importance to their wedding film from as soon as they started planning, collaborated creatively with us yet gave us maximum freedom in shooting and editing, and supported us with whatever was needed to get the perfect shots. In return, we pulled out all the stops for this incredible couple and their beautiful wedding, deploying everything at our disposal, including the aerial drone and 4K footage. The result is finally here, and we will be eternal thankful for J&S, for giving us the opportunity to give them our very best. Cheers!

Vancouver wedding venues: Rosewood Hotel Georgia (ceremony, reception)

"Hi Jen And Frank,

As the saying goes, great things come to those who wait :) The video was phenomenal!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! We've already watched it non-stop the past few hours, too bad there is no loop function and that we have to work tomorrow. Otherwise we would be watching it all day again... The day was a blur and watching the video brought back memories and tears...

We loved the grand shot of walking up the steps of the Art Gallery... but were shocked at how the more subtle scenes played out. From a technical standpoint, I never realized just how much an otherwise mundane shot like us running across the street or the guys walking single file out of a room could stand out so much in the ending montage when put in the hands of your expert editing. The storytelling, scene to scene transitioning, and synchronizing with music to create a complete harmonious work of art is beyond anyone else in your industry IMO.

Many thanks again for shooting our definitely deserve your BC Wedding Award, one of many more to come we are sure!"



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