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What is color grading?

Take a look at the two images above. They are both video frames, the left one is the original, and the right one has color grading applied. The improvement is easy to see! Every Hollywood movie has gone through color grading by a professional called the colorist, it's what gives it the Hollywood film look.

In your search for the perfect wedding videographer, it may be surprising to learn that most wedding videographers don't colour grade their footage at all! We've even seen bad colour grading that made the footage look worse!

So why don't most wedding videographers color grade their footage?

  • Color grading is hard! A good colorist is rare, and most people don't know how to do it properly.
  • Color grading takes a lot of time! Most people don't put in the insane hours of manual colour grading.
We color grade our films. Shot by shot, all by hand.

Lastly, VanWeddings has so much experience making our brides look good, we can even smooth minor skin blemishes and make you look more radiant! It's subtle and magical, and you will appreciate the difference. Yes, VanWeddings brides do look more beautiful, all thanks to our completely manual and proprietary colour grading process!

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