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For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Celebrate the Temporary" - EPIC & Romantic Denver Colorado Rockies Wedding

When we got the email from Megan, telling us about her wedding just outside the Rocky Mountains National Park in Denver, Colorado, we knew it was going to be special. But how special? That we wouldn't fully realize until after the wedding, until we were sifting through the footage and literally getting goosebumps!

It's hard to choose the best part of this wedding. There was the outdoor ceremony with unexpected Mr. Elk, a super epic desert drone shoot with the dramatic Red Rocks, the rustic and luxurious boutique resort of Della Terra on the gates of Rocky Mountain National Park, an old service rifle with a history, a loving family and funny friends, an inspiring speech from the favorite teacher, and the most adventurous and fun couple who would hike half an hour in cactus country with us for that one grand shot.

Simultaneously epic, romantic, funny, and emotional, we feel truly special being part of Megan and Kalen's wedding. When everything comes together, this is what it looks like, this is quintessential VanWeddings, and we hope you'll enjoy the next few minutes!

Denver, Colorado wedding venues: Della Terra Mountain Chateau at Estes Park (ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Light of My Eyes" - African Khoja Muslim Wedding Video Vancouver

With fresh snow on the ground and the winter chill swirling in the air, Zahra and Abbas attracted a lot of looks from curious passers-by. No wonder, with their stunning matching silver outfits, they might as well have been movie stars on a set. So what did we do on that dark January night after the ceremony? We headed to the movie set-esque backdrop of Vancouver's historic Gastown, of course! With some careful lighting from us, the dark alleys and moody corners came to life, and with the help of Z&A, the result was cinematic magic.

The reception next day was also after dark, but the Conservatory Ballroom at Newlands Golf Course was lit up in a glittery storm of light for the most perfect look! From the beautiful reception at Newlands to the traditional muslim wedding ceremony at Richmond's Az-Zahraa mosque, this is a winter wedding you won't soon forget!

This was our very first Khoja wedding! Khojas are East Africans of North Indian heritage. Here in the multi-cultural hub of Vancouver we are fortunate to learn something new every day!

Richmond & Langley wedding venues: UBC Boathouse (mehndi), Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre Mosque (muslim ceremony), Newlands Golf and Country Club (reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"A Gift From God" - Fraser Valley Christian Wedding

We were taken with Braelyn and Christiaan from the first moment we met them. Little Lyn, as she is known as, and The African, because he is from South Africa, are two of the most fun-loving and caring souls we have ever met. How many brides are willing to jump into a blizzard with bare feet, and what way to ensure the wedding guests have a good time than to combine it with a New Years Eve party!

Going into the wedding, we were thinking, big party x2, lots of fun, and it did not disappoint, but when Little Lyn and the African broken down at the altar and said the most beautiful Christian wedding vows, we truly appreciated the source of their optimism and strength. The theme of faith and devotion intertwined perfectly with the grand celebration, and by the end of the snowy Fraser Valley night, everyone came into the new year even more inspired than before!

Fraser Valley wedding venues: Chilliwack Main Street Church (ceremony), Yarrow Community Centre (reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Just A Feeling In NYC" - Uplifting New York City Wedding Video

As many times as we've been to New York City, it is still awe-inspiring when we turn skyward. Meeting Sally and Ming for the first time, just two days before their wedding, we were surprised to learn they were already married! In fact, they were doing this for their families, who wanted a big festive Chinese wedding reception - and we said, "no problem!"

As the wedding night was winding down, and we wrapped up atop the Wyndham Garden Chinatown at the Rooftop93 Bar (epic view of New York at night), we asked Sally and Ming if it was worth it to do the big wedding in the end. "Definitely!" was their answer, and ours too.

New York City wedding venues: Joy Luck Palace (reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"An Excellent Choice" - Romantic Indian Fusion Wedding Video at Swaneset

Amazingly stunning bride - check. One of Vancouver's most beautiful wedding venues - check. Mustache wax and skull caps - check??? Yep, Sarish and Franky's wedding was like that, filled with heartwarming emotion, laugh-out-loud moments (best dad's speech ever!), and frigid rain that only added to the atmosphere of an amazing photo and video shoot. Of course, we love Swan-e-Set Bay Resort - truly one of Vancouver's most romantic wedding venues. With all these ingredients, this is not just a fusion Indian wedding, it's a unique mix of everything that makes Sarish and Franky's love so special, mustache jokes included.

Vancouver wedding venues: Swaneset Bay Resort & Country Club (wedding ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"The Beat My Heart Skips" - Gorgeous Vancouver Chinese Wedding at Vancouver Club

Lost for words? We were too, when Lenka opened those double doors, and the light was at the perfect angle. OK, maybe Long wasn't particularly concerned with the light at the moment, but with seeing his super gorgeous soon-to-be-wife for the first time. Still, in the concrete and glass jungle of downtown Vancouver, we found amazing light everywhere, and when the day was ending, the sparklers came out for an unforgettable grand exit.

Amid all the glamour and beauty, we were most moved by how far family and friends had traveled to be here. When your wedding is also a reunion of old friends, it's just that much more special. Here it is, a fabulous wedding from the classy Vancouver Club.

Vancouver wedding venues: Vancouver Club (marriage ceremony, reception)

"Hello Jen and Frank!

We love this video so much and it is hard to say how we love it. We watch it again and again. Thank you for giving us such a great memory of our wedding! So many tears and emotions in it!"

Lenka and Long

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"The Corporate Strategy of Marriage" - Funny, Modern Vancouver Chinese Wedding Video - Science World

While accidentally punching the woman you eventually want to marry may not work for most people, it worked for Ed. Coming from a humble background, Ed is a successful businessman specializing in corporate strategy (yes, Derrick, we don't know what the f* he does either!) On the other hand, we have Peizi, target of errant punches, consummate overachiever, podcast speed listener (while doing pushups), damn good rapper (we wish we were making this list up), and business actuary (yes, Ed, we don't know what she does either!)

So naturally, Peizi and Ed are the perfect fit for each other, and we have their modern Chinese wedding encapsulated in just 5 minutes (2.5 for Peizi). Boasting some of the funniest wedding vows and reception speeches ever, enjoy this brilliant day from Vancouver's Science World!

Vancouver wedding venues: Science World (marriage ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"25 Years, Right on Time" - Bollywood Style Wedding Anniversary Featuring Salim Sulaiman @ Pacific Rim Hotel

There was a big secret hiding behind the curtains, a very big secret, and she knew nothing about it. 25 years ago, Tony and Rita had a small but lovely wedding in a community centre. 25 years later, a huge anniversary party at the luxurious Pacific Rim brings back family and friends like never before, and when the curtains reveal Rita's favourite band, Bollywood legends Salim Sulaiman, she is beside herself.

It's the best wedding anniversary we've seen, and though we could write all about it, why not experience it all over again, right here, right now, because even though Tony and Rita will surely have many more anniversaries, this is once in a lifetime, and we are honoured to be part of it.

Greetings to Kavita Mohan for putting together this amazing event!

Vancouver wedding venues: Pacific Rim Hotel

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"How Vancouver Found Style" - Fun Stylish Persian Wedding Video - Vancouver Club

Before Arash arrived from Sweden, Vancouver was a dark, rainy place, where people had no fun and no sense of fashion. Best reception speech one liner of the year, and so so true! Ever since we met Dominique and Arash, they have been dazzling us with their impeccable personal style, from the fashion show worthy engagement shoot, to the most beautiful wedding dress ever seen (Arash's words, and ours). Seriously, Gucci should hire them as consultants.

What impressed us most though, is how warm and fun D&A are. Their wedding is not just for themselves, but a grand party thrown for the benefit of family and friends. While Vancouver appreciates its new found sense of style, we really need Dominique and Arash to stay and brighten our day. Hip, stylish, and amazingly fun, here's a Persian wedding video like you've never seen before!

Vancouver wedding venues: Vancouver Club (Iranian wedding ceremony, reception)

"Dear Jen and Frank,

I know we weren't the typical bride and groom that pose and stand somewhat still. We were jumping up and down non stop and laughed at all times. Over the past two months we kept saying "there is no way our video will be perfect since we acted so crazy." And then today you surprised us! How you made this incredible, beautiful, romantic, fun, funny, every good word there is, video of us is beyond us.

Can't thank you enough, and to your question whether we like it or not? We ABSOLUTELY adore and love it! You brought out tears, and you know we are not criers. We are at home, and watching it over and over and over again.

The details, song selection, the captions, everything is perfect. You are simply amazing! Thank you over and over again!"

Dominique and Arash

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Destiny From Long Ago" - Ultra Glamorous Luxury Persian Wedding Video - Ritz Carlton, Washington DC

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This probably explains why we had such a hard time editing Shadi and Armin's luxury wedding from the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC. Even though it was just a one day Persian American wedding, the photogenic couple looked so ridiculously good for literally every second of the day, that we seriously had enough stunning shots to create five highlights!

Being the perfectionists we are, we always go through every second of footage and make sure the best shots are not missed. So here we were, sitting in the editor's chair, pulling our hair out, comparing every frame and going back and forth on every second. It was a process of reduction, like creating a sculpture from a block of granite. We cut and re-cut every frame until there was nothing left to take away. But at the end, we had in our hands a masterpiece!

Super luxurious, super glamorous, ladies and gentlemen, we think Shadi and Armin's wedding is perfection itself, something we hope this film will reflect. Shout out to the lovely crew in DC that made the day infinitely more fun, you know who you are, let's do it again soon!

Washington DC wedding venues: The Ritz-Carlton Tyson's Corner (Persian ceremony, reception)

"WOW!!! You guys have done an amazing job, I mean I had an idea of how it would be but this is incredible!

It's honestly everything we could have asked for and more.  We are just completely blown away, words can't even describe what we are feeling right now.  Thank you so much for capturing our day the way you did, we are so lucky to have found you guys...

As I'm watching your video, I'm having those wow moments I was hoping to have... I feel the passion you put into your work, it really shows! Thank You!"

Armin and Shadi

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"My Superman" - Most Romantic Chinese Wedding, Hart House

If you don't speak Mandarin, here is what the best man says near the beginning, "you are not just marrying someone who makes you happy and smile every day, but you are also marrying a man who will treasure you, who will always be by your side. I believe Jason will be to your life, like Superman. Whenever you need him, it doesn't matter where he is, he will always be right there when you call his name". Anyone who knows Jason, will agree that this happy-go-lucky guy is willing to do anything for loved ones, and after some wild days in his youth, he's settled down with the one true love, Effie.

Shot at the always beautiful Hart House in Burnaby, a Tudor-style mansion that perfectly fits the romantic mood for this Chinese wedding. All our best, Effie and Jason!

Vancouver wedding venues: Hart House (wedding ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Beautiful Afghan Ismaili Muslim Wedding - Nilo & Najeeb

Real romantic proposal alert! We don't often get to see the real thing, but when Najeeb decided to propose to Nilo last year, he had us play paparazzi. It was really cool to hear the actual "yes" with our own ears!

The second real special thing, which you'll appreciate if you've watched a lot of our wedding videos, is that Najeeb is the brother of Mustafa, whose beautiful wedding we captured two years ago. Keep your eyes open for some cameos from Mustafa and his wife Shukria! As if that's not special enough, Nilo and Shukria are best friends as well. It's all family and friends here!

So needless to say, it was most special seeing Nilo and Najeeb tie the knot in their traditional Ismaili Muslim Nikah, and dance the night away with traditional Afghani music. Our photographer had such a blast, we just had to put his smiling face in there too. With lovely couples like Nilo and Najeeb, we are thankful to be doing what we love to do!

Vancouver wedding venues: Lions Gate Jamatkhana (Ismaili Muslim Nikah wedding ceremony) Bombay Banquet Hall (reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"No One On Earth" - Most Romantic Persian Wedding Ever, Shaughnessy Golf

We are fortunate to be based in the multi-cultural melting pot of Vancouver, and even more fortunate to have shot many different types of weddings. This has given us a sixth sense when shooting, so even though we don't speak Farsi, in the middle of Bahar and Shaya's Persian ceremony, we knew something special was being said. A follow-up email to the groom has given us the insight into perhaps the most romantic and poetic vows we've heard:

Commissioner's Poem: "See how in the middle of the drunken warm Summer, with flowers in hand, Spring is coming. With her hands in her partner's hands, the deservedly joyful and smiling bride is coming." *The commissioner's poem plays on the words Bahar and Shaya, which mean "Spring" and "Deserving/Worthy" respectively.

Bahar's Poem: "In addition, our bride enjoys putting her words to pen and paper. Bahar says 'you are the one who brings peace to my life. In my moments of weakness, you are my strength. In my moments of loneliness, you are my warmth and safety. Come with me and stay with me. I will be your Spring and garden. With each step and breath, I will be your partner."

Shaya's Words: "My dear Bahar, from the day when I asked for your hand under that tree, I have been counting the moments until this one when I can finally call you my wife. Like the season of Spring, you have brought love, beauty, and kindness into my life. I promise to take care of you until my last day. I love you sweetheart."

It's helpful to speak the language of the wedding couple, but it's just as important to understand the language of love, of human emotions, and to put in the effort to tell each wedding story to the fullest. We hope you will enjoy hearing the poetry as much as we did.

Vancouver wedding venues: Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club (Persian wedding ceremony, reception) Nitobe Garden (first look)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"After the Rain" - Vancouver Luxury Wedding Video, Hycroft Manor + Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Living in Vancouver, we are used to rain, but on Emily and Eduardo's wedding day, it REALLY rained! Even under the covered patio of Hycroft Manor, the rain was coming in sideways, and everybody got wet. Thankfully, E&E are two super chilled people, and nothing could dampen their spirit. We also had the luxury of working in two of the most opulent interior spaces in Vancouver, the heritage Hycroft Manor for the ceremony, and the upscale and vintage Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Through the magic of cinema, we even managed to summon some golden hour sunshine for our incredible couple (thanks Tom!) So don't miss the epic aerial drone shots later in the film, probably the best view of Hycroft Manor you'll see.

It was the perfect metaphor for Emily and Eduardo's marriage, because they will always see the rainbow after the rain, and here in Vancouver, that's a lot of rainbows!

Vancouver wedding venues: Hycroft Manor (wedding ceremony) Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (wedding reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"First Light" - Elegant & Modern Persian Indian Fusion Wedding, Swaneset

Naturally charismatic, unrelenting perfectionists, Sepy and Mony have taken a few days out of their busy lives to plan a first-rate wedding. Two weddings, actually. Sepy is Iranian and Mony is Indian, so here to tell a flawless story of their unique fusion wedding, is us.

The Sikh ceremony day at Akali Temple was showered by cleansing rain, and the Persian ceremony and reception day at Swan E Set was graced by some amazing light out of the clouds. Even though the two days and two traditions were different, it was in fact quite natural to tie them together in editing. It's like seeing the first light of the day, even the perfectionists in us would be pleased.

Vancouver wedding venues: Swaneset Bay Resort & Country Club (Persian wedding ceremony, reception) Akali Singh Sikh Temple (Indian wedding ceremony)

"Hello Jen and Frank,

Wow, this is literally why I picked you guys to begin with!!!! You guys do magic!! We love the short highlights it's absolutely a form of art what you guys do!!


Sepy and Mony

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Parmneet" - Fun, Cinematic Indian Wedding Next Day Edit

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

"We all had so much fun at the shoot yesterday. Everyone was saying nobody ever goes into the water like that!" the excited bride told me at the reception, and I almost told her that nobody was ever crazy enough to agree to it.

Anyone who knows Rumneet and Parm would not be surprised, because these are two of the most easy-going, up-for-anything go getters, and their wedding party was just as adventurous. The result? One of the most memorable sequences we've shot, and just one of many in this fun and cinematic Next Day Edit wedding film. We are looking forward to the next Parmneet!

Vancouver wedding venues: Gurdwara Sahib Brookside (Sikh wedding ceremony), Aria Banquet Hall (reception), Crown Palace Banquet Hall (ladies night), Crystal At York (groom mayian)

"We love it! We're super happy with it. You guys did an amazing job!"

Rumneet and Parm

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Second Best Day" - Luxury Destination Wedding - St Lucia

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

When two lawyers in Atlanta decided to create the ultimate luxury destination wedding, they chose the world-renowned Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort in stunning St Lucia, a filming location for "The Bachelor", and where Matt Damon renewed his marriage vows.

What impressed us the most though, wasn't the giant pitons flanking the beach, or Jenny and Ethan's even bigger trust in us to fly our cinematographers to almost the tip of South America for this occasion, but how incredible genuine and hospitable they were. From the long emails where they explained all the amenities available to us, to the never ending smiles even when rain threatened to take over the skies (it eventually did, as cinematic backdrops during the dance), we felt like their family by the end of the week, and nothing feels better than sending our friends from Atlanta a little memento from paradise. Cheers guys. Hope Bora Bora was just as epic!

Special thanks to Viceroy Sugar Beach for graciously giving our drone the exception for a quick flyby on the day. Drones are not allowed on the resort, so this may be the very last time you'll be able to see aerial video from here. Enjoy!

St Lucia wedding venues: Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort (ceremony, reception)

"Excellent choice of music! Amazing video edit! You have exceeded my expectations...that is a huge compliment coming from an extremely picky person! :)

Just like how I knew Ethan was the one when we first met, I knew that you were the cinematographer I was searching for the instant I watched one of your videos on YouTube. Ethan gave me the wedding of my gave me the wedding video of my dreams...I cannot be happier.

Thank you for the creative & amazing video."


"Hello Frank and Jen,

You guys did an amazing job on our video. Jenny and I and our family cannot stop watching it. I cannot get any work done because of it. This is dangerous because I'm going to be sitting there in court before the judge daydreaming about the video.

Jenny looks even more beautiful in the video. If Hollywood or a Hong Kong movie studio comes and asks her to be a star and she accepts and leaves me, then I will blame it on you Frank :)

Please come to Atlanta and hang out with us...would love to hang out with you again."


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Dear Shereen" - A Wedding Video to Make You Laugh & Cry

It's not just a letter exchange, or a loving sibling's speech, or childhood friends on a long distance relationship from Hong Kong to New Zealand to Canada. It's not just the traditions and cultures of a Chinese wedding, or the splendors of a waterfront reception in Vancouver, or even a tearful vow in front of the altar. It's all the love, the people, and everything else coming together on a singular day. These five minutes will make you smile, laugh, and cry. It's all the emotions of the wedding, the journey that takes us here, the relationships that make us human, and it all starts with two words.

Dear Shereen.

Vancouver wedding venues: Sutton Place Hotel (prep), Canadian Memorial United Church (ceremony), Brockhouse Restaurant (reception)

"Hey Jen and Frank!

We absolutely love the highlight video! We have watched it a few times on different days and have shared it with our family and friends. They love it too! You guys did an amazing job! Thank you!!"

Jonathan and Shereen

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"9 Years in the Making" - Fun Luxury Persian Wedding - Bahar & Arash, Vancouver

All Persian weddings are fun, but this one takes the cake! 9 years in the making, Bahar and Arash are one of the coolest couples you'll ever know, and their wedding video embodies what a modern Iranian wedding is all about: glamour, playfulness, family, and the best dancing on the planet! The luxurious Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver provides the perfect reprieve from winter rain, and a classy backdrop for the elegant French themed decor. Come on, we can't wait to show you this one!

Vancouver wedding venues: Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel (Persian ceremony, reception)

"Hi Jen and Frank,

Arash and I wanted to thank you for this amazing highlight. I cried just seeing how real it is and it is exactly us. OMG there are no words, the cinematic feature brought me tears and is sooo beautiful and the full event edit is fantastic.

You two are truly the best. Thank you again and believe me you guys are our number one referral."

Bahar & Arash

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Super Elegant Persian Wedding in San Francisco - Maryam & Naeim

We are super lucky that couples like Maryam and Naeim exist. Lucky that they have a super awesome wedding with loving family and friends, lucky that they love our style so much to rescue us from the rainy Vancouver winter, and fly us down to San Francisco's amazing Palm Event Center, where it was... only slightly rainy on the day! Not really a problem, because the Palm had a ton of ideal spots for filming, and when the clouds blinked we even got a rainbow! Most important of all, we are thankful that Maryam and Naeim have a deep appreciation for wedding cinematography, and are willing to give us the time and freedom to pull off the shots. Our best work comes from combined efforts of our couple and us, and here's a super elegant Persian wedding video for everyone to experience one splendid day in California.

San Francisco wedding venues: Palm Event Center in the Vineyard (Persian ceremony, reception)

"Dear Jen and Frank,

I wanted to write again and tell you just how much we are enjoying watching the highlight video. We have probably played it over and over more than a hundred times and we keep wanting to eat it all up and save every frame in our brains. We are overwhelmed with all the emotions from that day coming back to us, and new emotions forming because of your artistry and vision in picking the shots, the sounds, and the music.

You did an excellent job capturing all the important events, and featuring all the important people in this highlight. We loved seeing so many shots of my grandmother, and that all parents got a fair amount of video love.

Also, thank you so much for capturing and featuring the decorations. The sofreh, the cake, the flowers, the table decorations, all the beauty of Palm inside and outside... We spent so much time and energy designing the look of our wedding, and you showcased it so well in the highlight video.

I could go on and on but I will stop now. Again, thank you so much. We are very lucky and happy that you were part of our day."

Naeim & Maryam

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Eternal Oasis of Happiness" - Epic California Indian Wedding of Neesha & Kulvir

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

Once a year the sky opens up over the California desert, and this time it happened just minutes before our aerial drone was taking off. So with a smile on their faces, Neesha and Kulvir instead told our camera their story, while the thunder and lightning raged outside. After 10 years, the wedding was an inevitability, and no amount of meteorological phenomena was going to stop it, not even the grand storm that flooded the highway between Los Angeles and Bakersfield, and forced us to use the drone in the dark (the footage is ok after careful treatment in 4k).

With that out of the way, the rest of this epic wedding was simply, phenomenal. Neesha and Kulvir were super down-to-earth and always smiling even when things were running late - it's a big fat Indian wedding with a destroyed highway after all. The guests, some of which came from as far as India, were thrilled to see it all come together. DJ Hans blasted it. Cassandra from Fairy Godmother Events was the best wedding planner we had ever worked with on a destination wedding. And we were so happy to shoot at Hathaway Ranch, the biggest private estate we've seen with endless vineyard, and oil pumps right on the property! We'll stop gushing now - go and watch the best California wedding video you'll see!

California wedding venues: Hathaway Ranch (sangeet, reception), The Padre Hotel (preps), Bakersfield Sikh Temple (Sikh wedding ceremony)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Tranquility" - Ultra Grand Pakistani Wedding Video, Mariam & Ahmed

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

At VanWeddings we shoot lots of grand and epic weddings, but it's extra special when there's a personal connection. We know Mariam's brother, who runs Decibel Entertainment, the best wedding DJ company in town. So when he asked us to shoot his only sister's wedding, we knew it was going to be a big production!

From the best wedding dance performances we've ever seen, to the blinding lights and confetti sprays on the dance floor, everything about Mariam and Ahmed's wedding was larger than life. But we also had quiet moments with just the two of them at their aerial drone shoot, a place of amazing beauty and tranquility, and the perfect reflection of the verse from the Quran about finding tranquility in your mate. Enjoy the best Pakistani wedding video we've done!

Vancouver wedding venues: Royal King Palace (Mehndi), UBC Botanical Garden (ceremony), Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (prep), Aria Banquet Hall (reception)

"Hi Jen and Frank!!!

When Ahmed and I first met you, we definitely knew that we wanted you two to be our videographers for the wedding and after looking at the highlight video we are so glad that we made that decision. Everything about the highlight video is beautiful and using Quran verse as the background sound was so refreshing and absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for all the work you put in!! We'll recommend you to everyone in a heartbeat, you guys have to be my favorite wedding vendor I have worked with!

Thanks once again!! You guys are amazing!"

Mariam and Ahmed

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Romantic Seattle Indian Wedding Next Day Edit - Daman & Ravi

"Marriages are made in heaven, but they take place on this earth." Daman and Ravi actually discovered us years ago, when VanWeddings just started, and even then they were sure we would be shooting their wedding. With a connection this divine, years passed by in seconds, and suddenly we were standing face to face with two of the earliest fans of our work. So with all that pressure, what can we do for Daman and Ravi's Next Day Edit? Easy, capture all the wonderful family moments in style, take them to Daman's alma mater, a stunningly classy place which doubles as a real film set, and let the warmth of their personality come through. Here is D&R's romantic wedding story, years in the making, finally ready for this earth!

Seattle wedding venues: Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Washington (Sikh ceremony), Red Lion Hotel (reception)

"We are out having lunch and I just cried watching it with Ravi--you guys really caught the most precious moments for us. The entire team was outstanding.

Seriously--LOVE it."

Daman & Ravi

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Dreamscape in Vancouver" - Glamorous Afghan Wedding - Farnoosh & Ali

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

Sometimes, a wedding film doesn't have to look like a wedding film. This may surprise you, but Farnoosh and Ali are not professional actors or models, and this beautiful period drama is a real wedding video. Although the usual wedding video attempts storytelling through speech, the couple wanted to express themselves without ever talking, so we conveyed their emotions through careful direction, lighting, camera movement, and VanWeddings-grade editing.

Most importantly, we were given a generous amount of time to accomplish all the shots, which in itself is a luxury on wedding day. So thank you F&A for an unforgettable insight into the beautiful and luxurious world of a modern Afghan wedding!

Vancouver wedding venues: Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Wedgewood Hotel, La Perla Ballroom

"Hi Jen and Frank! Wow! We love the video so much! We keep watching it over and over... You've done an amazing job as usual! Thank you!"

Farnoosh & Ali

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"The Buyer & The Accountant" - Magical Hindu Chinese Wedding - Bhavisha & Michael Next Day Edit

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

Call it chemistry, call it magic, there is something between Bhavisha and Michael, and it just feels right. Now it's our duty to present this amazing connection between two exceptional souls. It will be easy to show what happened, the beautiful Hindu wedding and Chinese lion dance at Aria Banquet Hall speak for themselves. But it will not be easy to give this wedding just the right amount of story, style, and that VanWeddings magic. Judging by the amount of gasps and dropped jaws from the guests, this Next Day Edit highlight video has something special in it. Go ahead, have your breath taken away too!

Vancouver wedding venues: Aria Banquet Hall (Hindu wedding ceremony, reception)

"Hi Jen and Frank,

We absolutely love love love the video! Thank you so much for your amazing work! We've already watched the NDE 3 times, lol. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in our other edits."

Thanks, Bhavisha and Mike

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"No Coffee at the Roxy" - Powerful New Zealand & Indian Canadian Wedding - Rupinder & Carter

*This wedding video is the winner for Best Edited Wedding Video at the 2015 Professional BC Wedding Awards*

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

From New Zealand to Canada, the last time they almost met, this time they shall never part. Rupinder and Carter came to us with a love story made for a Hollywood film, and rare is a wedding with so many cinematic moments for us to indulge. So here is the beautiful tale of how a New Zealand boy came to meet an Indian Canadian girl at the unlikeliest of places, how Maori and Sikh traditions fused perfectly into an unforgettable week of celebrations, and how the world is both vast and small when fate decides to intervene. Be amazed.

Vancouver wedding venues: Mission Sikh Temple (Indian ceremony), The Chapel at Queen Elizabeth Park - Celebration Pavilion (western ceremony), Dhaliwal Banquet Hall (reception)

"Hi Jen & Frank! We love the video! Thank you so much! It's beautiful! Thanks for capturing the traditions and love it means a lot! You guys are awesome!"

Thanks again, Rup & Carter

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Breathtaking Fairy Tale Wedding Video - Danielle & David

"Those that truly love, have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from their branches they find that they were one tree and not two." In the lush foliage of VanDusen Botanical Garden, we were truly lucky to witness the beginning of a beautiful life together for Danielle and David, who are not only in love, "which any fool can do", but really embody what true love is.

We have to sincerely thank Danielle and David for opening their hearts to us, and their awesome wedding party for building a dangerously unstable human pyramid just for our camera. How dangerous? The patient viewers will find out. Now get ready for the most beautiful wedding video ever!

Vancouver wedding venues: VanDusen Botanical Garden (Ceremony, Reception)

"Hi Frank and Jen!! This video is absolutely amazing! We love it SO much and couldn't be happier! We thank you two. On another plus! You picked the song danielle was hoping you'd pick for the video too! Again we love this video SO much, and to think we'll have it forever to share.

Talk soon guys, thank you"

Danielle and David

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Awesome Hindu Sikh Wedding Highlight Film - Vancouver, Poonam & Nav

Two wedding ceremonies, one unbelievable party! You've seen the stunning Next Day Edit for Poonam and Nav's Hindu and Sikh wedding, now feast your eyes on the awesome dance party emanating from South Hall. We've been to a lot of Indian weddings, and this is contender for the best wedding dance we've ever witnessed. Thank you Poonam and Nav!

Vancouver wedding venues: Hart House (Hindu ceremony), Bear Creek Hall Gurudwara / Punjabi Cultural Society (Sikh ceremony), South Hall (reception), Dhaliwal Banquet Hall (Maiyan)

"I saw the highlight video on Facebook and it looked amazing. You guys did a great job, it was fantastic all our friends and family that saw it loved it as well."


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

EPIC, Spectacular, Awesome Indian Wedding - Gagan & Kalvin

Behold, VanWeddings Ultra style at its very best! You've already seen Gagan and Kalvin's EPIC Next Day Edit. What you didn't see, and what we have been keeping under tight wraps, is simply the most awesome wedding reception, featuring the fire breathing aerial circus show of Neezar. Now, for the first time, here is Gagan and Kalvin's spectacular Indian wedding in its full glory. Prepare to be wowed and amazed!

Vancouver wedding venues: Akali Singh Sikh Temple (Sikh ceremony), Vancouver Convention Centre (Reception), Fraserview Banquent Hall (Maiyan), Dhaliwal Banquet Hall (Engagement Party, Maiyan)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Modern, Classy Indian Wedding Film - Preeti & Sureen

You've seen some of the best Indian wedding videos from VanWeddings, but you have not experienced anything as unique and modern as Preeti and Sureen's take on the traditional Sikh wedding. Emanating from the stunning and elegant Museum of Anthropology at UBC, our couple arranged to have both the ceremony and reception in an open space in front of the ocean. The airy and warm feeling is extended by their impeccable choice of classy yet contemporary outfits and decors, and accented by the museum's invaluable collection of art and artifacts. Enjoy this unforgettable wedding with our happy newlyweds!

Vancouver wedding venues: Museum of Anthropology at UBC (Sikh ceremony, reception), Aria Banquet Hall and Convention Centre (Maiyan)

"Hi Jen and Frank,

I can not type right now nor see this screen as I am shaking with emotion and joy, my eyes filled with tears. You have captured our day with such incredible beauty, I could not be happier. I was so nervous the day of the wedding but it doesn't show one bit. As I watched the film unfold I got more and more excited and actually held my breath. You have captured our love and the most important day of our lives so perfectly that I can nearly remember what I was thinking and feeling while I look at myself in the video. It is one of the most unique videos I have ever seen, I am proud of ourselves for being able to put on such a special and unique day for our family and friends and so very proud of your talent and skill. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Romantic, Intimate Wedding Film - Kimia & Chris, Vancouver

Listen closely, and you can hear Chris' heart beats when he hugs Kimia at the first look. It's the most emotional meeting of two lovers we've ever seen, and it happened in the middle of the most beautiful Nitobe Japanese Garden. Kimia and Chris held both their civil and Persian wedding ceremonies outside at the picturesque Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver West, as the sun bathed family and friends in its warm glow. Romantic, intimate, heartwarming, words don't do this wedding justice, we hope the film will.

Vancouver wedding venues: Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club (civil ceremony, Persian ceremony, reception), Nitobe Japanese Garden (first look)

"Thank you Vanweddings, for an amazing video. I have watched this video more than 20 times! Chris and I loved everything about it and you have definitely made the most memorable video for us. You understood us better than we understood ourselves. Here is a picture of us getting ready to watch the video, we even got Champagne to celebrate, since as we know your work, we knew watching the video would make us as emotional as we were on the wedding day <3"

Kimia and Chris

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

ULTRA Castle Wedding in Europe - Paris, Netherlands, Mahshid & Pascal

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

From the glittering Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, to the luxurious wedding in Castle Bloemendal, Netherlands, this is how you do an EPIC European wedding! Early in the planning process, Mahshid and Pascal found VanWeddings, and could not fathom having anyone else capture the grandeur and beauty of their wedding. So here is the result of our journey half way around the world, following the stunning couple from the City of Love to the lush Dutch countryside. Enjoy another world-class wedding video from VanWeddings!

Dutch wedding venues: Castle Bloemendal, Vaals, Netherlands (Persian ceremony), Holland Casino, Valkenburg, Netherlands (reception)

"I've watched the video over 50 times today. You've exceeded all of our expectations! It's sooo perfect, it's sooo vanweddings ;) Thank you Jen & Frank"


"We've watched the video over 50 times today, it's soooooo perfect! We reallyyy like the Paris parts, hope there's more of it in the feature, and the music is just great. It's amazing how perfect your videos are, you were worth every penny :-D"


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Love Beats Cancer - The Inspiring Wedding Story of Van & James

*This wedding video is the winner for Best Wedding Cinematographer / Videographer at the 2014 Professional BC Wedding Awards*

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

Eight months ago, James was attacked by a shark while at a local beach, which left a scar on his head. That was James' story. In reality, he underwent surgery for a brain tumor, and was looking at six months of chemotherapy. It was at that time that he planned to marry his girlfriend Van, just two weeks after his treatment, and they came to VanWeddings to tell their unique wedding story.

Needless to say, we went all out for this most inspiring couple, and they chose the most lovely Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Victoria to tie the knot, the superb Bodega Ridge Resort on Galiano Island to be exact. The wedding was more than just a ceremony, it was a celebration of life, and the triumph of love over cancer, and sharks.

Vancouver Island wedding venues: Bodega Ridge Resort, Galiano Island (ceremony, reception)

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