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For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Perfect Chinese Wedding Film - Hotel Georgia, Vancouver

Perfection is only possible with the perfect clients, and for us, J&S are the perfect clients. They attached paramount importance to their wedding film from as soon as they started planning, collaborated creatively with us yet gave us maximum freedom in shooting and editing, and supported us with whatever was needed to get the perfect shots. In return, we pulled out all the stops for this incredible couple and their beautiful wedding, deploying everything at our disposal, including the aerial drone and 4K footage. The result is finally here, and we will be eternal thankful for J&S, for giving us the opportunity to give them our very best. Cheers!

Vancouver wedding venues: Rosewood Hotel Georgia (ceremony, reception)

"Hi Jen And Frank,

As the saying goes, great things come to those who wait :) The video was phenomenal!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! We've already watched it non-stop the past few hours, too bad there is no loop function and that we have to work tomorrow. Otherwise we would be watching it all day again... The day was a blur and watching the video brought back memories and tears...

We loved the grand shot of walking up the steps of the Art Gallery... but were shocked at how the more subtle scenes played out. From a technical standpoint, I never realized just how much an otherwise mundane shot like us running across the street or the guys walking single file out of a room could stand out so much in the ending montage when put in the hands of your expert editing. The storytelling, scene to scene transitioning, and synchronizing with music to create a complete harmonious work of art is beyond anyone else in your industry IMO.

Many thanks again for shooting our definitely deserve your BC Wedding Award, one of many more to come we are sure!"


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"The Corporate Strategy of Marriage" - Funny, Modern Vancouver Chinese Wedding Video - Science World

While accidentally punching the woman you eventually want to marry may not work for most people, it worked for Ed. Coming from a humble background, Ed is a successful businessman specializing in corporate strategy (yes, Derrick, we don't know what the f* he does either!) On the other hand, we have Peizi, target of errant punches, consummate overachiever, podcast speed listener (while doing pushups), damn good rapper (we wish we were making this list up), and business actuary (yes, Ed, we don't know what she does either!)

So naturally, Peizi and Ed are the perfect fit for each other, and we have their modern Chinese wedding encapsulated in just 5 minutes (2.5 for Peizi). Boasting some of the funniest wedding vows and reception speeches ever, enjoy this brilliant day from Vancouver's Science World!

Vancouver wedding venues: Science World (marriage ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Cinematic Mexico Destination Wedding Video: Genicca & Daniel at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe

MOST FUN WEDDING EVER! We are saying this without reservation or exaggeration, and you will be hard pressed to find a more fun wedding film anywhere.

Genicca and Daniel, and their family and friends, spent a week with us in Cancun, Mayan Riviera, Mexico. They soaked up the sun and tied the knot for their beautiful beach destination wedding at the luxurious Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe. Genuine and likeable, Genicca and Daniel captured our hearts with their incredible love for each other, and we captured their adventurous spirit and funny antics with our trademark VanWeddings flair. Underwater, in the air, we are anywhere the action is, and anywhere love is found.

"Hi Jen & Frank!!

We have watched the video almost 30 times now and WOW, are we ever impressed!! You guys have done an incredible job with every detail, it's amazing! We can't even begin to express our LOVE for your craft - you really captured the essence of our special day. Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Again, we are so pleased and STOKED to show our family and friends what you've done for us. You are truly a great team!"

Genicca & Daniel

After we sent the full Cinematic Feature to the couple, they couldn't wait to tell us the reactions:

"Jen & Frank,

First and foremost WOW. The full video was simply BREATHTAKING... we laughed, we smiled, we cried, we fist-pumped. Simply incredible work!!! I am so very happy with what you've done for us. Every moment was EPIC!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Genicca & Daniel

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Romantic Seattle Indian Wedding Next Day Edit - Daman & Ravi

"Marriages are made in heaven, but they take place on this earth." Daman and Ravi actually discovered us years ago, when VanWeddings just started, and even then they were sure we would be shooting their wedding. With a connection this divine, years passed by in seconds, and suddenly we were standing face to face with two of the earliest fans of our work. So with all that pressure, what can we do for Daman and Ravi's Next Day Edit? Easy, capture all the wonderful family moments in style, take them to Daman's alma mater, a stunningly classy place which doubles as a real film set, and let the warmth of their personality come through. Here is D&R's romantic wedding story, years in the making, finally ready for this earth!

Seattle wedding venues: Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Washington (Sikh ceremony), Red Lion Hotel (reception)

"We are out having lunch and I just cried watching it with Ravi--you guys really caught the most precious moments for us. The entire team was outstanding.

Seriously--LOVE it."

Daman & Ravi

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Ultra Epic New York Wedding Video - Aysha & Abul

She is from London, and he is from the Jersey shore. With the Atlantic Ocean between them, Aysha and Abul have crossed continents to be with each other. With that kind of determination, it's really no surprise that they demand the best wedding photography and cinematography in the world.

After their grand wedding in London, Aysha leaves everything behind and makes a permanent move to New Jersey to be with Abul. To celebrate their love, they have commissioned VanWeddings to capture their lavish reception, and the two of them in one of the most romantic settings in the world - autumn in New York's Central Park.

New Jersey wedding venues: The Grove (reception)

"It is awesome guys absolutely love it thank you. I don't even know how to put it into words. We've shown it to all our family and friends, and they all loved it. Everybody had only great things to say about the video. It's exactly what we wanted, and you captured it perfectly!"

Abul & Aysha

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Indian Wedding Bollywood Music Video - Payal & Rajeev & RDB in Vancouver

When Payal and Rajeev had their grand wedding, one definite highlight for everyone was the pre-reception live performance by one of Bollywood music's biggest names, British band RDB. All the guests, young and old, danced to their energetic Punjabi beats all night long, and so did we!

So when Payal and Rajeev asked us if we could do a special music video trailer of their wedding film, we naturally said yes.

This is a great example of how important editing by VanWeddings is - the same wedding can be edited completely differently to convey whatever style the couple wants.

Wedding Venues: South Hall Wedding & Banquet Palace (sangeet), Nanak Niwas Gurdwara (Sikh ceremony), Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver (reception)

Preparations: Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, Fairmont Pacific Rim

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Payal & Rajeev's Epic Indian Wedding at Pan Pacific Hotel (Ultra Trailer)

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

It is through fate that a Sindhi girl living in the island paradise of Saint Thomas met a Sikh boy growing up in Vancouver, Canada. It is also through fate that Payal and Rajeev found us, fell in love with our work, and gave us the privilege of shooting their epic Indian wedding. And what a wedding it was! With 600 guests from India, United States, Sweden, China, St Thomas, and all across Canada, and an entire week of unrivaled festivities featuring live performance from the UK band RDB, it is an easy contender for wedding of the year. Sikh wedding ceremony was held at Gurdwara Nanak Niwas, pre-reception Sangeet was at South Hall Banquet Centre, and reception was at Pan Pacific Hotel in Canada Place.

We would like to introduce you to VanWeddings Ultra - the most epic wedding film experience offered in Vancouver! VanWeddings Ultra is for couples who are planning an epic wedding and need an epic wedding film to showcase their amazing day!

If you just can't get enough of this amazing wedding, check out the Bollywood version!

Wedding Venues: South Hall Wedding & Banquet Palace (sangeet), Nanak Niwas Gurdwara (Sikh ceremony), Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver (reception)

Preparations: Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, Fairmont Pacific Rim

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Breathtaking, Emotional Vancouver Wedding Film - Clare & Scott

"These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that are holding yours on your wedding day." So begins the most amazing passage we've heard during a wedding ceremony, as Clare and Scott stare into each other's eyes, surely experiencing the tunnel vision that every bride and groom falls into.

Clare, or as her friends call her, Happy Clare, found us half a year ago and told us she was getting married to Scott, a fellow musician, at the Minoru Chapel in Richmond. With their Chinese and Japanese backgrounds, we knew then that it was going to be a breathtaking wedding. To have pastor Mitchell perfectly delivering that immortal speech is the best surprise we could have hoped for.

"And finally, these are the hands, that even when wrinkled and aged, will still be reaching for yours, still giving you that same unspoken tenderness, with just a touch."

Vancouver wedding venues: Minoru Chapel (ceremony), Richmond Hilton Hotel (reception)

"Hi Frank and Jen,

"We just saw the trailer on Facebook and we wanted to let you know how much we love it!!! It's so beautifully done and we can't stop watching it over and over again! Love it!!! Thank youuu! :)"

Clare and Scott

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Epic Punjabi / Afghan Wedding Video - Jesse & Ahmed

Love transcends culture and religion, and Jesse and Ahmed are proof of that. We had the distinct pleasure of shooting Jesse and Ahmed's two wedding ceremonies, a Muslim Afghan Nikah, and a Sikh Punjabi ceremony, as well as their amazing reception at the Vancouver Convention Centre (have you seen Jesse's AMAZING wedding dress?!!!), featuring a live performance by the talented Arjun. Inspiring and elegant, we can throw all the adjectives at our beautiful couple, but a film is worth a million words, so prepare for another Ultra wedding by VanWeddings...

Vancouver wedding venues: Crown Palace Banquet Hall (Sangeet), UBC Boathouse (Nikah / Afghan wedding ceremony), Gurdwara Sahib Brookside (Sikh wedding ceremony), VanDusen Botanical Garden (Video shoot), Fairmont Pacific Rim (Preparations), Vancouver Convention Centre (Reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"970 km" - Emotional Victoria Wedding Video, Jennifer & Tyler - Hatley Castle, Victoria

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

970 km is the distance between Calgary and Vancouver. When you're in a long distance relationship these are the things you remember. For Jennifer and Tyler, what was supposed to be a fairy tale castle wedding turned out to be much much more. Try not to cry when you hear the most emotional wedding speech of the year, because if you've ever said goodbye to a loved one at the airport, you know the longest distance separating you is just a few meters. Celebrate with Jennifer and Tyler, and celebrate love, for after countless wedding videos, this is one that we, and hopefully you, will remember forever. It is our best wedding video ever. Enjoy!

Victoria wedding venues: Hatley Castle (ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Elegant Persian Wedding - Mitra & Ala at Hotel Georgia

Hotel Georgia's Spanish Ballroom has never looked so beautiful! Mitra and Ala, both residing in California, chose to have their wedding in the middle of Vancouver's winter. Why not, when a sparkling winter theme can be amazingly stunning for both their Sofreh table and the elegant ballroom, and VanWeddings is in the house to make everyone and everything look spectacular. Props to Mitra and Ala, who braved the cold at the Vancouver Art Gallery without complaint and gave us some superbly cinematic moments. Enjoy!

Vancouver wedding venues: Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver Art Gallery

"I know Ala spoke to you about the video and how much we love it. I have never seen anything like the video you made us , I can't thank you guys enough. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you."


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Epic Hindu Wedding Next Day Edit - Preeti & Vince

Indian weddings are probably the largest and most elaborate weddings in the world. We have shot many weddings of all cultures, and Preeti and Vince's beautiful Hindu wedding still took our breath away. With the two powerful Hinduism symbols of fire and water, we decided to balance them in perfect harmony with warm and cool color grades, and while everything happened in different locations throughout the week, we hope the overriding themes of family, tradition, and love come through in this stunning Next Day Edit. May your breath be taken away too!

Vancouver wedding venues: Vedic Hindu Cultural Society (Hindu wedding ceremony), Riverside Signature Banquet Hall (reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Spectacular, Epic Persian Wedding Video - Vancouver, Mana & Amir

What begins like a car commercial ends with the most awe-inspiring aerial view of Swan E Set Golf & Country Club, get ready for Mana and Amir's spectacular Persian wedding! Our couple wanted a seamless blend of modern luxury and timeless vintage style, and oh yeah, the epic production value of aerial cinematography that only VanWeddings can provide. Soar away with us and watch the wings of love unfold!

Vancouver wedding venues: Swaneset Bay Resort & Country Club (Persian ceremony, reception)

"Hello Jen & Frank,

Thank you very much for the beautiful wedding video. Amir & I loved it :) You did an amazing job and we are very happy that we went with the drone option as well! It was a pleasure to work with you both."

Many thanks, Mana & Amir

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

The Most Beautiful Persian Wedding - Maryam & Ramin, Hotel Georgia

Magazine perfect looks and stunning decor, usually these are the domain of professional model shoots, but for Maryam and Ramin, this is their real wedding. For that uniquely classic feel, they chose Rosewood Hotel Georgia as their venue, and for that unmatched cinematic look, they chose VanWeddings as their wedding cinematographer. We can pass off this beautiful wedding film as a perfume ad, but the celebrations go way deeper than that. It is simply the greatest Persian wedding ever. Enjoy!

Vancouver wedding venues: Rosewood Hotel Georgia (ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding - Anne & Dave at Fraser River Lodge

It poured rain, the clouds burst open, then a rainbow appeared just as the ceremony wrapped up. Nothing can stop the stunning outdoor wedding of Anne and Dave at the Fraser River Lodge, surrounded by guests coming from as far as the Philippines, and backed by possibly the best backdrop of any wedding venue in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, endless nature and towering mountains!

With one of the first Vancouver aerial wedding footage from a drone, you will get to enjoy this beautiful wedding venue from a perspective never seen before, in another stunning wedding film that only VanWeddings can provide. Fraser River Lodge is where we shot our first wedding, and it's nice to be back where it all started!

Vancouver wedding venues: Fraser River Lodge (ceremony, reception)

"Absolutely loved it! Dave and I got teary-eyed and that's rare for him! Thanks so much for the wonderful video. I'm in awe, loved everything about it. Thank you again for capturing my most important day. It's meant so much to me and my family back home to witness the mini clip. If I didn't watch this video, I wouldn't know what happened that day. That day was a complete blur!

Thank you again for our wonderful video!"

Ana, Dave & Carlos

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Beautiful Afghan Ismaili Muslim Wedding - Nilo & Najeeb

Real romantic proposal alert! We don't often get to see the real thing, but when Najeeb decided to propose to Nilo last year, he had us play paparazzi. It was really cool to hear the actual "yes" with our own ears!

The second real special thing, which you'll appreciate if you've watched a lot of our wedding videos, is that Najeeb is the brother of Mustafa, whose beautiful wedding we captured two years ago. Keep your eyes open for some cameos from Mustafa and his wife Shukria! As if that's not special enough, Nilo and Shukria are best friends as well. It's all family and friends here!

So needless to say, it was most special seeing Nilo and Najeeb tie the knot in their traditional Ismaili Muslim Nikah, and dance the night away with traditional Afghani music. Our photographer had such a blast, we just had to put his smiling face in there too. With lovely couples like Nilo and Najeeb, we are thankful to be doing what we love to do!

Vancouver wedding venues: Lions Gate Jamatkhana (Ismaili Muslim Nikah wedding ceremony) Bombay Banquet Hall (reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Touching Chinese Wedding, Macau to Vancouver - Fiona & Wayne

From the distant shores of Macau, China to the old-world charm of Cecil Green Park House at Vancouver, Canada, it is no small feat for two people to reach across that vast distance and become intertwined forever. Deep beneath Fiona and Wayne's reserved exterior, we were not surprised to discover an ocean of love - you expect that from someone who has overcome unfathomable obstacles. But we did have our socks blown off by the best first dance we've seen at any Chinese wedding! Give Fiona and Wayne a couple of minutes, and they will win your over too. Enjoy!

Vancouver wedding venues: Ryerson United Church (Christian ceremony), Cecil Green Park House (reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Intimate Elopement Wedding Film - Cindy & Julio, Rockwater Secret Cove

This is by far the most intimate wedding we've had the privilege of shooting, with just the eloping couple, their two children, and their dog. Yet compared to the 1000 people grand weddings we've done, the weight of Cindy and Julio's Sunshine Coast elopement wedding is entirely on our shoulders. You see, unlike having 1000 guest in live attendance, this highlight video is all that our couple's family and friends will experience. It's such an honour to be trusted with such responsibility.

Our first time at the beautiful Rockwater Secret Cove was full of pleasant surprises. The day ranged from cloudy at the first look, to pouring rain at the outdoor ceremony, to splendid sunshine after the wedding. It was super emotional to hear the bride and groom say their tearful vows in the rain. Here's the great thing with video though, whereas a live audience would have been distracted by the wind and rain, in video every word is crystal clear, and in that way, our version of the wedding is perhaps the best way an elopement should be remembered.

Sunshine Coast wedding venues: Rockwater Secret Cove Resort (Ceremony)

"Wow!! How do we begin to express our happiness.. You took our small dream and turned it into a beautiful reality. Words cannot express our gratitude for this wonderful video that we can share with our family and friends. Thank you so much!"

Cindy and Julio

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Poetic Persian Indian Wedding - Bahareh & Robbie, Vancouver

When you think about two of the most elaborate cultural weddings on the planet, you'd do well to answer Indian wedding and Persian wedding. Now here are two of these ceremonies wrapped up in the same wedding over the span of two days, each with different traditions, but for the families of Bahareh and Robbie, the warmth and joy are the same. With the couple so busy with everything, whenever we had them to ourselves, it had to count. Robbie was appropriately described as quietly poetic, and fortunately we did find some quietly poetic moments with them, even among all the hustle of two weddings in one.

Vancouver wedding venues: Westin Bayshore Hotel (prep), Khalsa Diwan Society Surrey (Sikh ceremony), South Hall (Persian ceremony, Reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Glamorous Persian Wedding at Vancouver Club - Saba & Brennan

Sometimes it takes the right couple to make amazing things happen, such is the case with Saba and Brennan. When we came up with the idea of having them run down a busy Vancouver street, Saba was wearing her heels. So instead of doing something easier, she went all the way back to get her flats. The result? One of the most memorable shots ever. The rest of the wedding is simply one highlight after another, stunning Persian ceremony at the Vancouver Club, a full house waiting at the grand ballroom, surprise singing performance by the father, and one top wedding to remember!

Vancouver wedding venues: Vancouver Club (ceremony, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Vancouver Sikh Wedding Video - Manpreet & Darren

This is simply one of the most beautiful Indian weddings we've had the privilege of shooting. Manpreet came to us less than a month before her wedding, and told us they already had videography booked with another company, but she stumbled upon our work (Ruby and Sonny's stunning wedding film) and fell in love with our cinematic approach. Could we also shoot her wedding? When someone shares our vision that much, we just have to say yes. We hope this wedding film will flood you with emotions and beauty, just the way Manpreet wanted it.

Vancouver wedding venues: Nanak Niwas Gurdwara / Indian Cultural Centre of Canada (Sikh ceremony), Royal King Palace Banquet Hall (reception), Paradise Banquet Hall (Choora ceremony)

"I love it! Even my co-workers who are not Indian, they are so moved by the trailer. You guys did such a wonderful job!"


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Upbeat Persian Wedding - Zhina & Amir, Vancouver

No tears, all smiles. Zhina and Amir had one of the happiest and most upbeat weddings ever. After the Same Day Edit, everyone naturally wanted to see the super fun reception. Amir got so much hang time from the tosses, gravity is still trying to get him back. So here it is, the highlight wedding video from Zhina and Amir's amazing Vancouver Persian wedding. It's sure to put a smile on your face too!

Vancouver wedding venues: Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel (prep), Vancouver Convention Centre (ceremony, reception)

"That's amazing!! Thank you!! You've done a great job with (the highlight) and we can't wait to see the full film. I love the longer feature film too... with a little more bits it really shows our wedding well, thank you so much! You guys are amazing!!"

Zhina and Amir

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Fathom - Vikram Chatwal's Luxury Yacht, Spain

A last-minute phone call brought us to Spain, the Mediterranean paradise island of Majorca. Sitting in the Harbour of Palma de Mallorca is our subject, the Fathom, a luxury yacht of palatial proportions, and the prized vessel of New York hotel magnate Vikram Chatwal. Over the next day, we talked to Vikram about his passion, and filmed the Fathom from air and sea to capture her stunning beauty. Here is a little tour of this incredible ship, for your viewing pleasure.

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Fun & Festive Hindu Wedding Video - Vasu & Vivek in Raleigh, North Carolina

Fun, energetic, and upbeat, that is how Vasu envisioned her big Hindu wedding, and after filming three days of festivities in Raleigh, NC, we think she's right on the money!

Vasu and Vivek live and work in New York City, but have their roots in North Carolina and Wisconsin. Now the two families have come together in Raleigh for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration combining both North and South Indian wedding traditions. Held in the amazingly beautiful Prestonwood Country Club, it is the greatest Hindu wedding we've ever seen!

Shout outs to Vesic Photography and DJ Rang, super awesome wedding photographer and DJ in NC, and two of the most friendly, down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. Catch a glimpse of them in the highlight trailer! Awesome decor is courtesy of No Regret Productions.

North Carolina wedding venues: Prestonwood Country Club (Hindu ceremony, reception)

"The trailer looks fantastic!!"


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"Light of My Eyes" - African Khoja Muslim Wedding Video Vancouver

With fresh snow on the ground and the winter chill swirling in the air, Zahra and Abbas attracted a lot of looks from curious passers-by. No wonder, with their stunning matching silver outfits, they might as well have been movie stars on a set. So what did we do on that dark January night after the ceremony? We headed to the movie set-esque backdrop of Vancouver's historic Gastown, of course! With some careful lighting from us, the dark alleys and moody corners came to life, and with the help of Z&A, the result was cinematic magic.

The reception next day was also after dark, but the Conservatory Ballroom at Newlands Golf Course was lit up in a glittery storm of light for the most perfect look! From the beautiful reception at Newlands to the traditional muslim wedding ceremony at Richmond's Az-Zahraa mosque, this is a winter wedding you won't soon forget!

This was our very first Khoja wedding! Khojas are East Africans of North Indian heritage. Here in the multi-cultural hub of Vancouver we are fortunate to learn something new every day!

Richmond & Langley wedding venues: UBC Boathouse (mehndi), Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre Mosque (muslim ceremony), Newlands Golf and Country Club (reception)

"OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! What a FANTASTIC video! Seriously! You guys are truly amazing!!!!!

Wow, I just can't stop looking at this, seriously!"


"I wanted to echo everything that Zahra had said previously – we are absolutely captivated by the quality of your work!! Seeing the highlight brings back a flood of exceptional memories from our special day, thank you for capturing the essence of our relationship."


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Stunningly Beautiful Indian Wedding Next Day Edit - Rosie & Amit

We always had a hunch that Rosie and Amit are two of the nicest people on earth, and it was confirmed at the reception, where not a single person could say anything bad about these two, not even the best man. When the best man is singing your praises, you've pretty much reached sainthood in our book.

Of course this being a Next Day Edit, we don't have any of the speeches in the edit. What we do have is some of the most beautiful wedding footage ever, Indian wedding or not, and some of the nicest family moments, and the best dog in the world named Rambo. Seriously, can these guys doing anything wrong?

Vancouver wedding venues: Akali Singh Sikh Temple (Sikh wedding ceremony), Fraserview Banquet Hall (groom mayian, bride maiyan, reception)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Gorgeous Vietnamese French Canadian Wedding - Tiffani & Marc Same Day Edit

Our story starts in Paris at the Eiffel Tower with a surprise proposal, continues at the towering cliffs of Vancouver's coast for an epic aerial drone session, and brings us to the present day for the amazingly gorgeous wedding of Tiffani and Marc. It was one of the rainiest weddings we've seen, but our unfazed couple took it in stride, and jumped in the rain with our cameras for some unforgettable shots! The Same Day Edit highlight video was shown at the reception to multiple rounds of cheers, laughter, and amazed gasps. Now you can also join the stunning couple to marvel at how far their journey has come, and the heights they have yet to scale, even when they are 99, in Tiffani's words!

Vancouver wedding venues: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown (tea ceremony), St. Mary's Parish (Catholic ceremony), Riverway Golf Course (ceremony, reception)

"Where do I start?!!!! Insane video clip. It was literally the main event of the night. Everyone is just talking about the same day edit. You put the magic in our fairytale wedding.

Thank you, Frank & Jen! You have made our wedding day event of the year. I know people who don't know me cried from watching our film. Thank you so much for making our special day so magical."

Best Regards, Tiffani & Marc

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

"A Gift From God" - Fraser Valley Christian Wedding

We were taken with Braelyn and Christiaan from the first moment we met them. Little Lyn, as she is known as, and The African, because he is from South Africa, are two of the most fun-loving and caring souls we have ever met. How many brides are willing to jump into a blizzard with bare feet, and what way to ensure the wedding guests have a good time than to combine it with a New Years Eve party!

Going into the wedding, we were thinking, big party x2, lots of fun, and it did not disappoint, but when Little Lyn and the African broken down at the altar and said the most beautiful Christian wedding vows, we truly appreciated the source of their optimism and strength. The theme of faith and devotion intertwined perfectly with the grand celebration, and by the end of the snowy Fraser Valley night, everyone came into the new year even more inspired than before!

Fraser Valley wedding venues: Chilliwack Main Street Church (ceremony), Yarrow Community Centre (reception)

"We LOVE it!! We haven't stopped watching it since we received it!! 😂 You captured so many details and blended them together so beautifully! Thank you so so much!!!"

Braelyn & Christiaan

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Fun Lesbian Wedding on a Yacht - Michelle & Demill, Vancouver

*Part of this wedding film was shown at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)*

Get ready for VanWeddings' very first same sex wedding! We knew Michelle and Demill had planned a large wedding on Vancouver's biggest wedding yacht, the Magic Spirit, and flew in The Party Nation from Atlanta. Still, when they both walked out in beautiful white wedding dresses and said their personalized vows, we knew we were filiming something extra special. Great sunset, the band rocked the boat, and the most beautiful couple (sorry guys), we present to you, Michelle and Demill's spectacular wedding.

Vancouver wedding venues: Magic Spirit yacht (ceremony, reception)

"WOW!!! We just watched it, and we LOVE it!!! It's so beautiful. Totally perfect. Thank you SO much for capturing our day so perfectly!!! What an absolutely amazing video."

Demill & Michelle

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Awesome Chinese Wedding Video - Joanne & Kevin, Vancouver

Poetic, graceful, and utterly spectacular, these words describe a lot of things in Joanne and Kevin's wedding film, maybe it's the cinematography, maybe it's their professional ballroom dancing, but most definitely it's their eternal love. All the proof is in the highlight video, the best showcase of what VanWeddings can do when given the time and creative freedom.

Things to watch out for: the best shot of a Stanley Park horse carriage you'll ever see, amazing ballroom dancing on the boardwalks, captured from both the ground and from the air with an aerial drone helicopter, and the most poetic groom speech you'll hear. Enjoy!

Vancouver wedding venues: Bloedel Conservatory (ceremony), Crystal Ballroom (reception)

"Hi Jen and Frank,

It's incredible. Our jaws dropped when we saw it, and when we showed it to Joanne's mom, she got so excited she kept watching it over and over...

I haven't seen anything quite like this - even in your previous work; the quality of your creativity and storytelling clearly shows. I loved the way you meshed the dancing shots together (inside and outside) - and that low-angle carriage ride shot was awesome!

I'm glad we came together to produce these memories. It felt just like things fell into place between us - working together and accommodating each other - and I think also a certain amount of serendipity - like the birds at Bloedel and my speech mentioning birds, and the venues and activities we chose. We had fun being your subjects and playing actors in our own wedding."

Kevin and Joanne

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Miss Universe Canada Sahar Biniaz (sneak preview)

Here is a sneak preview of VanWedding's upcoming film for the beautiful Miss Universe Canada Sahar Biniaz, and a pretty good demonstration of the True Hollywood look that only VanWeddings can provide.

Shot on location at the amazing Rosewood Suite of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Vancouver Indian Wedding Video - Ruby & Sonny

It is not often that we cry watching a wedding video that we just edited, but this one was special. Stunningly beautiful, and deeply touching, that is how we think of Ruby and Sonny's wedding.

We got to know the amazing couple shooting their hilarious reception entrance video, and throughout the whole wedding week, typical of Indian weddings, we fell in love with their amazing families as well.

Perched on top of Vancouver's Grouse Mountain, our journey into Sonny and Ruby's cinematic journey is about to begin. Are you ready?

Vancouver wedding venues: Gurdwara Sahib Brookside (ceremony), Grouse Mountain Chalet (reception)

"Wow Frank that is absolutely amazing. We love it it's magnificent. We're sharing your link on Facebook with our relatives and it's blowing their minds!"


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Azadeh & Adel - Vancouver Persian Wedding Video at Hotel Georgia

It is a first dance for the ages, a first look for the ages, a Sofreh for the ages, and a Persian wedding for the ages. Azadeh and Adel are an elegant couple from Chicago and Vancouver who have come together with their family and friends to be married at the historical Hotel Georgia. Adel loves ballroom dancing and it shows in their spectacular and classy first dance (the best we've seen) that we weaved into the wedding video. We'd like to thank Azadeh and Adel for having us film their most beautiful and awesome Persian wedding!

Vancouver wedding venues: Rosewood Hotel Georgia (ceremony, reception)

"Hi Frank & Jen,

Your work was great! Thanks very much, you guys rock!"


For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Winter Wedding in the Sky - Katy & Ed's Vancouver Grouse Mountain Wedding

"Our wedding will take place entirely in the dark", said Katy and Ed when they first met us. Well, the wedding is also 1000 meters in the sky, on top of Vancouver's Grouse Mountain, in the midst of white snow and dreamy winter wonderland. We decided to take lots of lights, and our party hats, because as you will see, Katy and Ed's families also throw a mean party!

Vancouver wedding venues: Pinnacle at the Pier (bride prep), Grouse Mountain Resort Chalet(ceremony, reception)

"Thank you so much for the highlight, its absolutely wonderful. We are very happy that we decided to have you guys as our videographers."

Katy & Ed

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Unique Persian Baha'i Wedding Video - Nika & Renato, Seattle

At VanWeddings we've shot just about every kind of wedding, but when we realized Nika and Renato were having a Baha'i wedding ceremony, we got excited because this was all new to us. A Baha'i ceremony is elegant simplicity at its best, but the rest of day was anything but simple. The grand reception had a large and energetic Persian crowd, which as always gives our cameras the best wedding dances. The famous Seattle rain poured on for the whole day, but miraculously stopped for 15 minutes just as we got out of the limo for the video shoot in view of the Space Needle. And we don't want to spoil it, but this is the best first look ever, really!

Seattle wedding venues: Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center (Baha'i ceremony, reception)

"We are both speechless!! The video turned out AMAZING!! You guys did such an incredible job, thank you so much. We have already highly referred you guys to all of our friends that will get married in the near future! Perfect detail and you guys truly did capture the best moments! Again thank you soo much jen & frank :) "

Nika and Renato

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Magical Hindu & Sikh Wedding Next Day Edit- Poonam & Nav, Vancouver

It is rare to have a wedding with two beautiful ceremonies, yes we at VanWeddings get spoiled sometimes. Poonam and Nav decided to have both Hindu and Sikh ceremonies in full, and it will be a feast for your eyes to watch all the intricate and colorful rituals throughout, not to mention being dazzled by the stunning couple. We had so much fun shooting this wedding, and this is only the Next Day Edit, which was played at the reception. So please also watch their awesome highlight video with reception footage!

Vancouver wedding venues: Hart House (Hindu ceremony), Bear Creek Hall Gurudwara / Punjabi Cultural Society (Sikh ceremony), South Hall (reception), Dhaliwal Banquet Hall (Maiyan)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

EPIC Aerial Wedding Video Next Day Edit - Vancouver Indian Wedding of Gagan & Kalvin

A Rolls Royce, a drone helicopter, fire breathing aerial circus show from Neezar, and that's just the surface of this huge Vancouver Indian wedding. An epic wedding film always starts with the couple's flair and style, two things that Gagan and Kalvin just overflow with. Their larger than life personalities come through every minute of this amazing Next Day Edit wedding video. Also watch the completed highlight trailer, which contains the aforementioned fire and acrobatics circus performance from the reception!

Vancouver wedding venues: Akali Singh Sikh Temple (Sikh ceremony), Vancouver Convention Centre (Reception), Fraserview Banquent Hall (Maiyan), Dhaliwal Banquet Hall (Engagement Party, Maiyan)

"Hello Jen & Frank,

Kalvin & I would like to give you a huge thanks for everything you did for us throughout the wedding. The video is amazing and we received sooo many compliments. We look forward to catching up when we return. Overall I loved it!"

Gagan & Kalvin

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Devon & Ryan's Vancouver Wedding Film from Swan-E-Set

Often we find ourselves more emotionally invested with a couple after shooting their wedding, for Devon and Ryan this was especially true. It is a picture-perfect wedding: beautiful couple, stunning dress, magical venue, loving family and friends. But during the speeches we learned much more about true love, and heard the most emotional ballad that moved everyone present to tears. It is a marriage that will survive the ages, and we hope this wedding film portraits the beginning of Devon and Ryan's brilliant life together.

Vancouver wedding venues: Swan-E-Set (ceremony, reception)

"Hello Frank and Jen

We just want to say thank you so much for all your support and understanding in working with our other vendors at the wedding, the day went even better then we could have ever hoped for! As for the video... WOW. We love it! You really listened to what we envisioned and created a beautiful summary of our wedding! Thank you for all your hard work, even when it coincided with the birth of your child! That's dedication!

Thank again! (and congratulations!)"

Devon and Ryan

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Emotional Beautiful Vancouver Elopement Wedding - Kristina & Sam

When Kristina and Sam came to us from Toronto, and told us they were having their elopement wedding in Vancouver, it was like Atlas handing us his stone. Nobody knew anything about this, not family, nor friends, it was just going to be the two of them, the marriage commissioner, and our cameras.

Fortunately weddings are about love, and the intensity of love is independant of material and location. So on a windy afternoon in front of the Vancouver skyline, at the iconic Kitsilano Beach, steps away from the joggers and seagulls, it just happened, a beautiful outdoor ceremony to rival the fanciest 1000 people weddings.

In the end it was the opposite of lifting Atlas' stone, for the love was so exuberant we felt uplifted and elated by the end of the short ceremony. Here's hoping you'll find the same inspiration we did, and oh yeah, Kristina and Sam - CONGRATULATIONS!

Vancouver wedding venues: Kitsilano Beach (Ceremony)

For the best full screen quality, make sure the video is streaming in 1080p.

Emina & Jonathan's Cinematic Vancouver Wedding Film from Hotel Georgia

With guests from London, Dubai, Paris, and Vancouver, Emina and Jonathan's wedding is an emotional and international affair. Held in the historic Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver with reception taking place in the gorgeous Spanish Ballroom, the only thing more beautiful than the venue is our newly wed couple, who also have a great sense of humour, as evidenced by their awesome speeches.

Vancouver wedding venues: Rosewood Hotel Georgia (ceremony, reception)

" Jen and Frank, I would like to thank you two soooooooooo much for being so amazing and being such a crucial part of our Wedding!

 It truly was the most amazing day for Jon and I, and I cannot thank you enough for capturing it and doing it justice in the video trailer so far! Everyone that has seen the video has been raving about it! Everyone loves it, and I’ve heard so many of them compare it to a “Hollywood” wedding, which is a true tribute to the two of you. Basically you guys were such a pleasure to work with and you made Jon and I look really good!!! ... Words can’t describe how amazing you were both on the day and the work you have done."


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