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"This Side of the Pond" - Romantic Brock House Wedding Videography Vancouver

The value of a wedding video is only truly apparent after the wedding. When in doubt, we always ask, if you could have seen your grandma walk down the aisle one more time, would you rather have that in photos, or high quality film? The answer is universally film, and that is how we approach our work, we are creating lasting family heirlooms for the future.

When Christina and Jamie met us, they already knew this. Jamie is extremely close to his grandparents in the UK, and due to health reasons they wouldn't make it to the wedding in Vancouver. This is going to be their front row seat to their boy's special day. We also found out that Christina's mom had recently passed away, and made it our mission to include her presence in the video. It was an emotional but also fun and romantic day, from the epic cliffs of the Pacific Ocean (hello, drone) to the beautiful reception at picture-perfect Brock House Restaurant. We hope Jamie's grandparents will feel they are right there with us, every step of the way!

Vancouver wedding venues: Brock House Restaurant

Thank you guys so much for doing such a phenomenal job on our highlight video! The day was such a whirlwind and it's so nice to watch and remember it all and also to see shots that we didn't even know you captured. Although we both didn't expect to be climbing a giant rock that day, it was totally worth it as it all looks amazing! You made it come together so well, even keeping the part when Jamie slid down the rock and all of our hearts stopped - we didn't think we would see that in the final cut but the way you edited really made it work! You guys are truly exceptional in what you do and we love our video, thanks again!

Christina and Jamie

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