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"No One On Earth" - Most Romantic Persian Wedding Ever, Shaughnessy Golf

We are fortunate to be based in the multi-cultural melting pot of Vancouver, and even more fortunate to have shot many different types of weddings. This has given us a sixth sense when shooting, so even though we don't speak Farsi, in the middle of Bahar and Shaya's Persian ceremony, we knew something special was being said. A follow-up email to the groom has given us the insight into perhaps the most romantic and poetic vows we've heard:

Commissioner's Poem: "See how in the middle of the drunken warm Summer, with flowers in hand, Spring is coming. With her hands in her partner's hands, the deservedly joyful and smiling bride is coming." *The commissioner's poem plays on the words Bahar and Shaya, which mean "Spring" and "Deserving/Worthy" respectively.

Bahar's Poem: "In addition, our bride enjoys putting her words to pen and paper. Bahar says 'you are the one who brings peace to my life. In my moments of weakness, you are my strength. In my moments of loneliness, you are my warmth and safety. Come with me and stay with me. I will be your Spring and garden. With each step and breath, I will be your partner."

Shaya's Words: "My dear Bahar, from the day when I asked for your hand under that tree, I have been counting the moments until this one when I can finally call you my wife. Like the season of Spring, you have brought love, beauty, and kindness into my life. I promise to take care of you until my last day. I love you sweetheart."

It's helpful to speak the language of the wedding couple, but it's just as important to understand the language of love, of human emotions, and to put in the effort to tell each wedding story to the fullest. We hope you will enjoy hearing the poetry as much as we did.

Vancouver wedding venues: Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club (Persian wedding ceremony, reception) Nitobe Garden (first look)

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