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EPIC & Romantic Denver Colorado Rockies Wedding

When we got the email from Megan, telling us about her wedding just outside the Rocky Mountains National Park in Denver, Colorado, we knew it was going to be special. But how special? That we wouldn't fully realize until after the wedding, until we were sifting through the footage and literally getting goosebumps!

It's hard to choose the best part of this wedding. There was the outdoor ceremony with unexpected Mr. Elk, a super epic desert drone shoot with the dramatic Red Rocks, the rustic and luxurious boutique resort of Della Terra on the gates of Rocky Mountain National Park, an old service rifle with a history, a loving family and funny friends, an inspiring speech from the favorite teacher, and the most adventurous and fun couple who would hike half an hour in cactus country with us for that one grand shot.

Simultaneously epic, romantic, funny, and emotional, we feel truly special being part of Megan and Kalen's wedding. When everything comes together, this is what it looks like, this is quintessential VanWeddings, and we hope you'll enjoy the next few minutes!

Denver, Colorado wedding venues: Della Terra Mountain Chateau at Estes Park (ceremony, reception)

"Am amazed and happy and tearful, wow!! We absolutely love it. I knew from the moment I saw my first video of yours that you are beyond talented and beyond unique. You create so much more than videos. You capture the most beautiful of moments and ensure you bring to video what was felt in person. Truly a talent and gift. We both are amazed and so very, very grateful.

We love the video. You captured so many moments and scenes and fwelings. It was so much more than just a recap of the wedding. (I love that you got my grandma saying hello! I can hear her now, "I put lotion in my hair."!!)

We really, truly had so much fun with you both. It was OUR honor to work with you and we do hope you take us up on our offer to stay with us if the need ever arises.

Kalen said, "ok, i admit, totally worth it!" after watching it.

And we LOVEEEEEEEE the ending outtake.

And we loved the writeup about our video. We just loved it all!!!

With tears, hugs, smiles, and happiness....thank you."

Megan and Kalen

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