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"25 Years, Right on Time" - Bollywood Style Wedding Anniversary Featuring Salim Sulaiman @ Pacific Rim Hotel

There was a big secret hiding behind the curtains, a very big secret, and she knew nothing about it. 25 years ago, Tony and Rita had a small but lovely wedding in a community centre. 25 years later, a huge anniversary party at the luxurious Pacific Rim brings back family and friends like never before, and when the curtains reveal Rita's favourite band, Bollywood legends Salim Sulaiman, she is beside herself.

It's the best wedding anniversary we've seen, and though we could write all about it, why not experience it all over again, right here, right now, because even though Tony and Rita will surely have many more anniversaries, this is once in a lifetime, and we are honoured to be part of it.

Greetings to Kavita Mohan for putting together this amazing event!

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