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Awesome Chinese Wedding Video - Joanne & Kevin, Vancouver

Poetic, graceful, and utterly spectacular, these words describe a lot of things in Joanne and Kevin's wedding film, maybe it's the cinematography, maybe it's their professional ballroom dancing, but most definitely it's their eternal love. All the proof is in the highlight video, the best showcase of what VanWeddings can do when given the time and creative freedom.

Things to watch out for: the best shot of a Stanley Park horse carriage you'll ever see, amazing ballroom dancing on the boardwalks, captured from both the ground and from the air with an aerial drone helicopter, and the most poetic groom speech you'll hear. Enjoy!

Vancouver wedding venues: Bloedel Conservatory (ceremony), Crystal Ballroom (reception)

"Hi Jen and Frank,

It's incredible. Our jaws dropped when we saw it, and when we showed it to Joanne's mom, she got so excited she kept watching it over and over...

I haven't seen anything quite like this - even in your previous work; the quality of your creativity and storytelling clearly shows. I loved the way you meshed the dancing shots together (inside and outside) - and that low-angle carriage ride shot was awesome!

I'm glad we came together to produce these memories. It felt just like things fell into place between us - working together and accommodating each other - and I think also a certain amount of serendipity - like the birds at Bloedel and my speech mentioning birds, and the venues and activities we chose. We had fun being your subjects and playing actors in our own wedding."

Kevin and Joanne

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